Land-Based VS. Online Casinos: Pick The Right Venue

Land-Based VS. Online Casinos: Pick The Right Venue

We are witnessing rapid online global changes because of the recent pandemic. Thankfully, we live in an age that allows fast communication and online services to cater to users without physical accommodations.

All major brands focused on the betterment of their online services during 2020. Many users find online business as safe and enticing as physical, social engagements.

It seems that customers find the comfort of their home the best venue that a brand can offer. Customers feel more relaxed and secure when doing their errands via the internet. Whatmore, the benefits go both ways. But what about online casinos?

2020: Online Casinos

The online casino gambling industry is one of those businesses where user and casino experiences have flourished during the pandemic. And the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2021 or 2022.

During these times, online casinos have become places where users can be relaxed while enjoying their favorite games without worrying about their health. While land-based casinos are affected by strict health regulations, online casinos are becoming a go-to venue for all kinds of gamblers.

That doesn’t mean that online casinos didn’t have their clients before the pandemic, however. What’s more, online casinos already had their huge fanbase prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic was there to convince all the previously skeptical players about this type of gambling entertainment.

Online Casino on Top of The Line

We all love land-based casinos. These establishments are where it all started. However, online casinos are not the types of venues where all the charms of land-based casinos are necessarily gone.

Whatmore, online casinos tend to copy all the best features of the physical casino and enhance them. If you browse through the current selection of online poker games, you’ll notice that the choice is even more comprehensive than in most of the regular land-based casinos.

Yes, you might not feel the same room atmosphere as in the physical casino. However, online casinos gather players from across the globe. In online casino poker games, you can compete against players that you could never encounter face-to-face during your lifetime!

Don’t miss this chance to go against people coming from all sorts of cultures. In land-based casinos, we tend to get bored going against the same local people time and time again. We already know their style of play, and we even heard their life stories dozens of times. In online casinos, every poker room is full of new amazing people!

Change Is Always Positive

Yes, playing in online casinos is a different experience than playing in a physical one. However, all the games you can encounter at online casinos might be even better than traditional ones.

Online casinos sometimes offer a greater game diversity, given more players have access to their games. What’s most important is that you understand that online casinos won’t lose the standard features of your favorite game.

There might be some additional features, but these make games more thrilling and inviting. No matter the feature, the gist of the fun is always there. If you still feel like online casinos significantly differ from traditional gambling, look at the online poker explained guide that we offer to online casino newcomers.

Super Secure

Many players tend to be skeptical about betting their money in online casinos. However, rest assured that betting in online casinos is an even safer experience than gambling in a physical one.

Imagine winning tons of cash in your local casino, and hundreds of people watch you struggling to collect all your prizes. We can bet that wouldn’t feel comfortable even though you’ve just won a ton of money.

There is no room for you to feel uncomfortable with bets you win in online casinos, no matter the amount. All of your financial gains are handled through encrypted online transactions that can’t be hacked. Not to mention that you won’t need to worry about other people sticking their noses at your business.

However, suppose you are not convinced about providing your credit card information to the internet. In that case, you can opt for pay-by-phone options. Baku or your regular phone payments are completely safe. They don’t require you to provide any of your credit or debit card information.

Finally, suppose you don’t feel good about paying via phone. In that case, you can try paying by Skrill or PayPal or another option to handle online transactions. Today, many people tend to pay with cryptocurrencies or Paysafecard to make their transactions even more untraceable.

Either you go with a third-party financial account or a prepaid payment method, depositing or withdrawing money in an online casino is safer than carrying bags of money through a physical casino, attracting all eyes.

Whenever, Wherever

Land-based casinos are, well, based in one particular part of land. In other words, physical casinos are stagnant, and you must travel to them in some way. If you opt for your car, then you cannot enjoy your favorite drink. If you want to “uber”, you must be willing to pay an amount that you could have spent on one more lucky round in the casino.

With online casino gambling, you don’t need to worry about these things. You can enjoy your drink while gambling without even leaving your bedroom! What would be a better start to your day of rest than to grab a beer and make a few bucks playing poker from the comfort of your home?

Furthermore, the unique thing about online casinos is that you can enjoy them even on the go. You can bet money or play your stakes of poker when commuting on a subway ride, taking the bus, or when carpooling with your colleagues on your way home.

Why not join one of the myriad online poker rooms during your lunch break? Who knows, you might so much that you don’t even need to return to the office!

Great Bonuses

The other great thing about online casinos is bonuses. Cashbacks, deposit matches, free spins, daily, weekly and welcome rewards are what make online casinos stand out from land-based ones.

Whether you opt for poker, roulette, blackjack, or slot games, all online casinos will offer you welcome bonuses that boost your game considerably. And the best thing about them is they are not just a one-time deal.

Many casinos offer players weekly and seasonal bonuses. For instance, if a casino features a Thursday matching bonus, you might get your deposits doubled on Thursdays. If a casino has a seasonal promotion, you might get the most out of your chances if you use those.

In the end, online casinos often host tournaments for their customers. These tournaments offer players to compete on a leaderboard and award players with the highest scores amazing prizes at the end of the week.


Online casinos are always trying to make players feel the most comfortable when using them. In online casinos, players can win the same amount of money than in land-based casinos, if not even more.

Finally, what’s so great about online casinos is that players can enjoy their sessions without worrying a thing when public health is of utmost importance.