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Online poker games exist in countless forms and variants. Each version features slightly different rules, hand rankings, and other aspects. However, the common denominator is that they aim to increase players’ entertainment levels. Some of these variants are globally popular, and others are less common. The most popular types are widely available across online poker rooms and brick-and-mortar casinos. 

Different poker game formats also appeal to various punters. Among the most widely known examples is the choice between poker tournaments and cash games. Additionally, speed poker games are becoming more popular among the newest versions and feature a much faster pace. Overall, there’s plenty to know about these games, so let’s begin (additional info available at

Popular Online Poker Games

As previously mentioned, several poker titles have long been part of the mainstream worldwide. You’ve undoubtedly heard about these games across numerous online casinos, so here’s a closer look at each of the following:

Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Caribbean Stud Poker, Video Poker, Casino Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker…

Texas Hold’em

This poker variant is commonly present throughout popular culture, thanks to movies and other TV series. Texas Hold’em is arguably the most famous type of online poker game and one that’s present in every online and offline casino venue. 

The game features five community cards face-up and two hidden hole cards. You’ll find plenty of strategy and action in this game, which has additionally branched out into countless sub-variations. Consequently, there’s a variant that fits your skills regardless of your skill or knowledge level.

Pot Limit Omaha

On the one hand, Texas Hold’em is synonymous with action-packed poker gaming. On the other hand, Pot Limit Omaha elevates the action to a new level. Omaha poker started gaining traction only recently and features similar rules to Hold’em. However, although the rules are almost identical in terms of betting options, there is a crucial difference.

Texas Hold’em starts with two hole cards, while Omaha begins with four. Regardless, you can only use two cards to create your final hand. Consequently, Omaha creates action on every street because it involves four hole cards instead of two. 

Caribbean Stud Poker

Countless new online poker games enthusiasts wonder what sets this variant apart. Caribbean Stud Poker brings an additional excitement level to the game since you’re playing directly against the dealer. The game rules are similar to a five-card stud game, except for one difference. In Caribbean Stud, the dealer must show one of his cards at every step of the game.

In this variant, the dealer and play both receive five cards. The player wins 1:1 on the bet if they succeed in beating a qualifying dealer’s hand. However, the player gets their stake back if the dealer’s hand doesn’t qualify. You can also expect thrilling gameplay thanks to a progressive jackpot. 

Video Poker

When it comes to the most straightforward types of poker games, you’ll struggle to find a simpler game than video poker. Players can typically enjoy classic video poker games or more advanced variants. These variants usually include features like deuces and joker wilds.

Casino Hold’em 

This poker variant is similar to Caribbean Stud poker. Indeed, players sit opposite the dealer and look for the chance to create the best possible five-card hand. The difference between these two online poker games is that the dealer and player only receive two Casino Hold’em cards. The player wins if their hand beats the dealer’s hand.

Pai Gow Poker

Beating the banker is the goal when playing Pai Gow Poker, which is the casino in most cases. Alternatively, another player at the same table can also act as the banker, though this occurrence is rare. To ensure added entertainment, the rules also allow the adding of a joker. 

Playing a Pai Gow game starts by receiving seven cards. Following the initial dealing, players must split these cards into a five-card and a two-card hand. The rule here is that the two-card hand must rank lower than the five-card hand. However, you can also use the joker to fill in a flush or a straight, or even as an Ace.

Winning at Pai Gow requires that both of the player’s hands beat the banker’s hands. You arrive at a push if one of the hands wins and the other one loses. In this case, the player receives their stake back. 

Most Lucrative Online Poker Games

Astute punters often look for the most lucrative choices when it comes to finding the suitable poker variant to enjoy. Some variations are more rewarding than others, and applying the right strategies can result in higher winnings than usual. Therefore, here are several such titles:

  • Short deck Hold’em
  • Poker tournaments
  • Pot Limit Omaha.

Short Deck Hold’em

This poker variant also has the name 6+ and is one of the newest variations of the traditional game you can play. Regardless, it is quickly gaining popularity because it is lucrative and follows the same No-Limit Hold’em rules. However, you play this game only with cards six and up. In other words, a flush beats the full house, and A6789 is the lowest straight.

However, the strategy in this game is different compared to traditional variations. One of the reasons for this difference is that the equities run much closer together. For instance, an AK means you are a significant underdog in full deck poker. On the other hand, this hand means you’re almost flipping in 6+. 

But why is this such a profitable game? The reason is that 6+ is a relatively new poker format. In other words, players who choose to start playing it have no idea how to play correctly, especially if they are transitioning from full deck poker. Additionally, since it only premiered recently, the study material for this variant is difficult to come by and is costly. 

The way to win in this game is to learn the preflop ranges by heart. These ranges comprise 85% of everything you need to know to win. Some professionals who have transitioned to this game advise that putting in 100 hours of learning the format should be enough to make you $1,000 per month sustainably. However, extreme estimates put that amount as high as $10,000 for passionate players.

Poker Tournaments

The reason why tournaments are some of the most lucrative online poker games is straightforward. Tournaments come with big guaranteed prize pools, which invite countless weak players to join. Consequently, the overall field of players remains soft, resulting in significant chances to outplay them.

Additionally, poker tournaments have a relatively easy learning curve. The recipe is easy: remember to play mostly tight in the early stages. Once you become short-stacked, learn push/fold charts, and you’ll soon become a profitable player.

Compared to traditional cash games, poker tournaments are easier to learn because of their smaller stack size. In other words, you need to master less post-flop play. Turbos are exceptionally straightforward due to lower edges. Consequently, even when you misplay your hand, you won’t make costly mistakes.

On the other hand, multi-table tournaments also come with a downside. Significant variance accompanies the extensive playing fields, which translates into inconsistent winnings. Therefore, tournaments are notorious for players who experience months of no big amounts of cash after hitting final tables for an entire week.

Pot Limit Omaha

It’s always fun to play four-card poker, and as we mentioned above, you can expect plenty of action in this game. Since PLO experienced a surge in popularity over the past couple of years, you can expect more inexperienced players to search for their place at different tables.

Note that pot-limit Omaha also has a more significant variance than standard cash games. PLO is similar to short deck and poker tournaments in this regard, causing even bad players to experience lucrative sessions. However, such sessions sometimes trick players into a sense of false confidence. These individuals may believe they are the best at their respective table while simultaneously making otherwise costly mistakes.

When one believes they are a good player, they don’t walk away from the poker format. Once they start losing, they usually remember the days when they were winning plentifully. Consequently, these individuals believe they should keep playing. 

Additionally, there are fewer good resources to learn PLO than Texas Hold’em due to lesser popularity. Simultaneously, mastering PLO usually takes longer than becoming more skilled at no-limit Hold’em. Therefore, if you’re looking for easy and quick profits, we recommend 6+. On the other hand, it’s easy to make lucrative winnings with PLO, but it takes time to learn the game properly.

Safest Online Poker Games

Enjoying poker online is an appealing and exciting activity for countless punters worldwide. When it comes to any online activity, gambling-related or otherwise, safety is a critical concern. Poker is just one of many games punters can enjoy in online casinos, which begs whether it is safe to play online casino games in general.

Keep in mind that playing poker, per se, isn’t innately risky. If anything, the only risk facing players during such games has to do with losing their bankroll too quickly. Going overboard is always a concern with any form of gambling, online or otherwise. However, this risk isn’t exclusively present in poker games and applies to every gambling activity. In other words, mitigating this risk is doable by setting betting limits and perhaps even resorting to self-limitations or self-exclusion methods.

Luckily, most reputable online casinos nowadays support responsible gambling. Consequently, players can self-impose such limits if they feel the onset of a gambling addiction problem. 

Therefore, playing safe poker games has less to do with the variant or type of poker and more with where you play. Choosing a licensed, regulated, and reputable poker room is just as – if not more – critical than learning the right strategy. Online casinos that operate without a license or have a reputation for predatory and unethical practices are never the right choice.

When searching for the right online operator to play poker, always research its reviews and security protocol. The last thing you need is a lucrative session only to find that third-party hacking has cost you all of your winnings. Exercise caution and common sense in all manner of online activities, including online poker games.

How To Play Poker Games Online With Friends

Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to enjoy private online poker games with select individuals. In other words, numerous online poker rooms allow players to create private poker clubs. You can invite people to join you there and enjoy poker games for free and real money. Some of the best sites for these games are ClubGG Poker, PokerStars, and 888 Poker.

ClubGG Poker

This poker room is among the newest play money apps. ClubGG allows players to create private games, and numerous features have propelled its overnight growth into one of the largest real-money sites. The process is straightforward and includes several steps.

You’ll need to download the ClubGG Poker app via your device’s store. After installation, open the application and click on the “Sign up now” button. Once you enter your email address and click on “Get Code,” look for the verification code in your email inbox.

Transfer the code from your inbox in the ClubGG app and create and confirm your new password. The last step involves clicking on the “Register” button to receive your ClubGG account, and you’re ready to set up your poker room.


This site is a top choice when it comes to private online poker games. Once you register for the PokerStars Home Games, you’ll be able to choose between tournaments and cash games. The registration process is just as straightforward as for the ClubGG app and includes the following steps.

You’ll first need to register a free account on PokerStars and then install the PokerStars client. Once you access the Home Games section, you can create your private poker game. You can send out invites to people you’d like to play with and enjoy private games at your leisure.

In July 2021, the site updated its client to allow clients to play different poker variants. These variants include five-card pot-limit Omaha, pot-limit Omaha, and no-limit Hold’em. However, before you can invite friends to play at PokerStars with you, you’ll need to add them as your poker club members. 

To accomplish this task, click on the Manage Club tab and then open How To Invite New Members. You’ll see a message containing two pieces of information your friends will need: the invitation code and the Club ID Number. Once you copy and send the text to your friends, they’ll be able to join you and see all of the available private poker games.


This reputable site provides players worldwide with another free method to enjoy private online poker games. The process begins by downloading the free 888poker client or the 888poker mobile app. Next, you’ll need to register a free gaming account and go to the toolbar to click on the Extra Games link. 

The Play With Friends feature is located there. If you’re the one receiving an invitation to play with friends, click on Join The Game and proceed using the details you have. Conversely, you’ll need to click on Create New Game to continue if you’re looking to host the next game with your friends.

Since there’s no need to create a poker club to host an online game, the overall process at this site is faster than the other two poker rooms. Follow the on-screen instructions after deciding whether you’d like to play a tournament or a cash game. You’ll need to select the game format, starting time, and the stakes. If you go for a tournament, you’ll need to enter subsequent selections such as recurring events, freeroll tournaments, and more. 

After making the necessary choices, click on Create to make the private game/event available. Lastly, you’ll receive information you’ll need to share with your friends. This info will let them know where and how to join the event so you can participate in as many online poker games as you’d like. Good luck!